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In 2019 the Dalane Kulturfestival held in Southern Rogaland, Norway was curated under the theme FLOOD!

Four selected artists were each matched with a municipality for a five-week residency period to make a public artwork for the festival. The Soundworks presented here represent processes, experiments and outputs from the respective art projects.

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//// F L O M ////

A1 Dark Aquapark //////////////// Damian Vega //////////////// 00:04:42

A2 Making Soft Water //////////// Elena Raedelli ///////////// 00:09:55

B1 Flom Sang //////////////////// Matterlurgy //////////////// 00:16:49

B2 Knivstikkervisa ////////////// TRG / Kjetil D. Kristensen / 00:02:38

Concept by

Damian Vega / Matterlurgy / Elena Raedelli / Kjetil D. Kristensen

Mastered by

Colin Potter at IC STUDIO

1  Hawbridge Road Leytonstone London,  e11 1dh,  UK

Artwork, Cover by Damian Vega

This project is supported by

BKH Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond

RKS Rogaland Kunstsenter

Nytorget 17 NO-4013 Stavanger

This Edition of 100 copies 

Manufactured by T-Time Vinyl Plant

 25 Kvitsøygata Stavanger, Rogaland, 4014 Norway

©2020 All rights reserved

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